Friday, August 21, 2015

Rev. John Robert Thwaytes

In our gospel work (at the Christ Michael Center), we get great responses from people in India. Ministers like Rev. John Robert Thwaytes (1931-2015), who lived and worked in India, prepared the way for us through their teachings and books. 

He wrote, "The Seraphic Gospel", amongst others.... 
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A big thank you! - to brother John Thwaytes!!

""I am a believer in the validity of "The Urantia Book" completed in 1934 at Chicago, and published in English in 1955. Basically it is the first volume of an encyclopedia about our planet Earth, written by angels and other celestial superhuman beings, and they tell us that it constitutes the fifth epochal revelation to our world from God. Their name for our world is Urantia. As a missionary priest, I am an evangelist by calling, and my purpose now is to popularize the message of the Urantia Book, which is vital for our further spiritual evolution towards an age of light and life, and a civilization far superior to what we now have. I have written only about what I feel are the most ..." - Rev. John Robert Thwaytes


  1. The man you praise as a missionary John Robert Thwaytes is now proven as a pedophile and child sex trafficker. I met him and worked with him for 6 years.

    I buried him in person. I dug his grave . 3 months later the first info came t one of the truth hidden behind the fear network he had used to silence victims in India, impoverished orphans who could not speak. This was a maniac and a monster . I knew he was mad but not criminal, now I know he was both. signed Adrian Millane Australia. I took the photograph you have published here.

  2. If you don't know some then please stop talking nonsense you stupid