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The Jerusem Prison Worlds (JPW)

JERUSEM is the headquarters of our system - the local system of Satania. 7 planets directly encircle or revolve around Jerusem. They are called the 7 Transition Worlds. Each Transition World is encircled by 7 spheres (or subsatellites). 

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Transition World number 7 is the 7th planet encircling Jerusem. And this Transition World is then encircled by 7 other spheres. It is these 7 spheres encircling Transition World #7, “The World of the Father” that are the Jerusem Prison Worlds (the JPW).

Please, take note: The Jerusem Prison Worlds (JPW) encircle Transition World #7 which is, “The World of the Father”.

When we attain Mansion World #7, we get the rights to visit Transition World #7 and its 7 satellites - the JPWs. Paper 45:1.11, “As a sojourner on the seventh mansion world, you have access to the seventh transition world, the sphere of the Universal Father, and are also permitted to visit the Satania prison worlds surrounding this planet, whereon are now confined Lucifer and the majority of those personalities who followed him in rebellion against Michael. And this sad spectacle has been observable during these recent ages and will continue to serve as a solemn warning to all Nebadon until the Ancients of Days shall adjudicate the sin of Lucifer and his fallen associates who rejected the salvation proffered by Michael, their universe Father.”

Where is Jerusem?
JERUSEM is the headquarters or capital of our system - the local system of Satania. 7 planets directly encircle or revolve around Jerusem. They are called the 7 Transition Worlds. Each Transition World is encircled by 7 spheres (or subsatellites). Some of the Mansion Worlds that Jesus talked about when he was on Earth revolve around Transition World #1. And each of those seven subsatellites of Transition World #1 is a Mansion World. The Jerusem Prison Worlds revolve around Transition World #7.

Our planet, Earth (or Urantia) is located in the system of Satania. Satania is one of 100 systems that make up our Constellation, the constellation of Norlatiadek. The capital or headquarters of Norlatiadek is called Edentia.

Norlatiadek is one of 100 constellations that make up our local Universe, the Universe of Nebadon. The capital or headquarters of Nebadon is called Salvington. Salvington is the physical dwelling place of our Universe Father, Christ Michael (aka Jesus Christ) and His Creative Consort, Mother Spirit or the Creative Spirit who comes to us on Urantia as the Holy Spirit.

Further reading: The Urantia Book Papers 43, 45, 46 and 47.
Paper 43 - The Constellations
Paper 45 - The Local System Administration
Paper 46 - The Local System Headquarters
Paper 47 - The Seven Mansion Worlds
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Please, Note Briefly:
The 7 Mansion Worlds encircle Transition World #1 which is, “The Finaliter World”. Paper 45:0.2, “The seven mansion worlds are the seven subsatellites of transition world number one.” While on Earth, Jesus used the word, “Mansions”: “In my Father’s house are many mansions…” - John 14:2. The word, “Mansions” as used by Jesus definitely refers to the 7 Mansion Worlds that surround Transition World #1 and some of us infer that it also refers to the many, many worlds in the Celestial realms prepared for us in Eternity.  Jesus said “many mansions”. The word “many” makes some of us to think that they are more than seven. As a result, we see the 7 Mansion Worlds of Transition World #1 as just an example or a part of the total number of Mansion Worlds prepared for us in the Universes of Universes.

Fruit Bearing and Keeping People in Church

Fruit Bearing and Keeping People in Church

Bearing fruits is spiritual growth. Your level of spiritual power and maturity is seen in your character. There's no two ways about it. You shall be known by your fruits - your behavior, your attitude, your character…
If you desire spiritual power, authority and countless blessings, then you must work with God, the spirit of God the Father in you - your indwelling Father fragment (your Thought Adjuster) to improve on your character, your attitude, your behavior... This is the path of holiness and sanctification. A sanctified and holy life is immersed in love. LOVE is the central pillar of righteousness. The Urantia Book has a very simple and yet a very powerful definition of love: "Love is the desire to do good to others."
Doing good to others becomes easier by the day for a man (or a woman) who has made the wholehearted, all consuming decision to seek, to find, to know and to do the will of the Heavenly Father. This will is revealed to you and explained to you by the Still Small Voice (your Thought Adjuster, “God in man”) in your daily relationship together. This will is also made clear by the way Jesus lived his Earth life.

...You are out there working with God to bring salvation and enlightenment to souls AND at the same time, you are constantly working on yourself - progressive character development (righteousness). You seek to know and to do whatever is required for you to embrace and manifest the fruits of the Holy Spirit in higher levels - love, joy, peace, patience, etc.
This mindset is totally different from a mindset that is bent on simply bringing people to some church and keeping them there. What we need is a mindset that adds value to the lives of others. The primary focus is their spiritual well being and not necessarily keeping them in some church. If they stay, fine. If they do not stay, fine. But at least we are committed to being tools in the hands of our Creator in the actualization of their spiritual growth.
A lightworker has to be careful about 'keeping people in church'. Encourage them to stay but don't kill yourself over that. Otherwise, you may get into the very dark and murky waters of mind control and cheap, deceitful manipulation. The right of free will of the individual is sacrosanct. It is a gift from God and must be respected. Focus on their spiritual growth and leave everything else to God. Hallelujah!