Monday, December 18, 2017

The Spiritual Technique of SALVATION - Long Form Edition

Here's a gospel of salvation that would apply to anyone from any planet. Please, note that there are many, many, many planets with humans in them. Earth is not the only one.

The spiritual technique of SALVATION occurs when an individual accepts and is "quickened" by the expression of God's LOVE and MERCY. Salvation is yours when you get a revelation of God's love and mercy: a revelation or understanding-experience that causes you to open your heart to God, to trust Him, to welcome Him into your life; to surrender all to Him and have FAITH in Him as your Father. These acts bring you to a place where you begin to see others as your brothers and sisters and you develop FAITH in your eternal salvation - that you will exist in and with God forever. Your heart becomes totally committed to doing His will. This is possible because of the GRACE and GOODNESS of God. Herein is your salvation. This is the explanation of salvation by faith through grace.

When Christians understand this, they will see that there are non-Christians who are saved. Before Jesus died, his disciples were saved. They were already in God's Kingdom. People's sins were washed away without the shedding of Jesus' blood. Jesus clearly forgave people their sins before he died. This tells you that blood must not be spilled for sins to be washed away. There's salvation at the Cross primarily because at the Cross, Jesus gave a very deep and powerful revelation of God's love. In the depths of the greatest hatred, despair and wickedness, he showed love and forgiveness. He revealed the love of God. It is this revelation of God's love in the midst of so much hatred that pulls many more people to God and His salvation. It is not the shedding of blood per se which inevitably followed his brutal hanging on the Cross.

This explains why some people recite the so-called sinner's prayer but do not experience salvation, even though they may think they have magically become saved. If at the Cross, an individual does not experience a soul-quickening transformation birthed from an understanding of God's love, resulting to a total acceptance of this love, he/she may not walk away saved. It does not matter the amount of sinner's prayer memorized and offered. God is not a magician.

As we understand the Heavenly Father better, we see that it is LOVE that saves. This love may be discovered and wholeheartedly embraced at the foot of the Cross or somewhere else. This explains why in Heaven, we would meet people from all walks of life, various faiths and different planets. The atonement doctrine of Christianity has so many loopholes. For starters, you cannot regard as justice, the punishment by God of an innocent man for the wrongs of guilty offenders. Even our human justice system knows better. How much more our Heavenly Father – the all knowing and all wise God? If you study human spiritual history very closely, you will learn that the demand for blood as a ransom was an age old practice instituted by fallen spirits of darkness. At a deeper esoteric level, Jesus chose to meet them at their level and gave them a crushing defeat at that level of blood-energy thirst. This is a matter of great significance at the angelic cosmic level that we may have to discuss at a different juncture.

Salvation is by faith through grace. Faith in what? And whose grace?

It is faith in God that He is your Father and He loves you. This is possible because of His grace. This is the summary of salvation. And this explains why we have aliens who are saved. Jesus would not go to their planets to die... And some of them do not yet know that Christ came to planet Earth as Jesus, let alone that he died, resurrected and ascended. So, why did Jesus die? There are very important reasons why. We may have to look at that question in another write-up.

When you understand these things, you will begin to see clearly the true meaning of the gospel that Jesus declared. He declared the good news that, “The Kingdom of God is within you”. This is true for God the Father has already placed His indwelling spirit, the Still Small Voice, within you. Jesus taught that God’s Kingdom is already within you. You just need to discover it by faith through God’s great grace. He did not teach that you must believe that without the shedding of his blood, your sins cannot be forgiven. The salvation message of Jesus is different from that of Peter or Paul. There are similarities. But there are differences. Study the Master’s teachings closely. He taught salvation and the Kingdom life. Please, look at what he placed emphasis on. It’s all there.

Always be of good cheer! And peace be upon you!
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Thursday, December 7, 2017

“Spiritual Father” - Safe-guard Your Spiritual Worship Circuitry

Safe-guard Your Spiritual Worship Circuitry! God bless you! Amen. It is very dangerous to call a fellow human being your "father in the Lord", "Papa", "Mama", "spiritual father", etc. (father, papa, mama - in the spiritual sense). When you do so, you may end up worshiping them and you may not be very conscious of this happening. A "personality cult" may develop around the person. You may start bowing down to and worshiping him or her - unconsciously. As a human being, you have a "WORSHIP CIRCUITRY" built into you. You are "fearfully and wonderfully made" - you are strong, intricate, delicate, superbly special and wonderful. There's a worship circuitry that connects you to the Paradise Father - directly!
If you are not careful, you may find yourself channeling that built-in worship circuitry to that man or woman you call your spiritual father/mother, Papa/Mama. That individual may end up taking the place of God in your life. That's a curse! That's very, very dangerous! Your eternity may be at stake! Your life on Earth may become messed up! This is no joke at all, beloved.
We are all brothers and sisters - children of God. Some of us are lost like "the prodigal son". Some of us are saved - salvaged sons and daughters of the Heavenly Father. You should love and honor those who teach you TRUTH but you must not worship them. Don't call them "father" or "mother". They are your brothers and sisters. Yes, they may be more spiritually matured. But this doesn't make them better than you in the sight of God. Learn to love everyone, including your enemies. Fear no one. Bow down to no one. God bless and keep you! Amen.
It is very important we understand why Jesus made this statement, "And call not [any one] your father upon the earth; for one is your Father, he who is in the heavens." - Jesus, Matthew 23:9 Darby Bible Translation
So, how can you tell if someone else has taken authority over your "spiritual worship circuitry"? Here are some ways to know whether or not you have submitted your "worship circuitry" totally or partially to an individual, spirit, entity or being other than God the Father: - If you fear that individual - If you lose your composure in the presence of that individual - If you stand in awe of that individual - If you freak out in the presence of that individual - If you consider yourself as little or nothing before that individual, spirit, entity or being...
The degree to which you do these things is directly proportional to the degree or level of the worship you give to that person. When you understand these things, you will see clearly that some people worship their Pastors, Politicians, Movie Stars, Music Stars, Sports Stars, etc...
If people understand what we are talking about here, they would see clearly the subtle and deft hand of Lucifer in the practice of calling their religious leaders, "fathers". For example in the Roman Catholic Church, Priests are called “fathers”. This disaster can also be seen in many Pentecostal Charismatic Churches today. As a result of calling them "fathers", millions upon millions of people from generation to generation unconsciously cede (partially or completely) their "worship circuitry" to these Priests/Pastors. In essence they were regarded as, "spiritual fathers". In Roman Catholicism for example, things got so bad to such an extent that even when some children told their parents that they were being sexually abused by some of these Priests, some of these parents could not even believe it. There were parents who could not even allow themselves to entertain the idea that this was possible. Some were so scared to even entertain such an idea let alone make bold to bring the matter up publicly. This is one of many, many terrible problems that may arise when you call or regard a human being as your spiritual father.
Here's a video of a Pastor calling his Senior Pastor, "his father" and adding that he wishes he could worship him because he is worshipable. That’s a very big problem right there. He may already be worshiping that man without being very conscious of it. You just need to watch for about 2 minutes (from 9:31 to 11:45):
"And call not [any one] your father upon the earth; for one is your Father, he who is in the heavens." - Jesus, Matthew 23:9 Darby Bible Translation “While you should honor your rulers and reverence your teachers, you should call no man Father in the spiritual sense, for there is one who is your Father, even God..." - Jesus, The Urantia Book 175:1.10 Safe-guard Your Spiritual Worship Circuitry! God bless you! Amen.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God is within you."

What is the good news of the Kingdom? Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God is within you." WITHIN you because you are created in the image and after the likeness of your God, our Father in Heaven. He has put His spirit WITHIN you. As a human being, there's a "Holy of Holies" WITHIN you. That's where the Father's spirit dwells. This is the true meaning of Job 32:8, "But there is a spirit in man..."

Jesus' gospel placed a central FOCUS on this very fact. Jesus did not say the Kingdom was about to come into you. No! He said it was already WITHIN you! Salvation comes to you when you believe and receive this fact by faith through the grace of God and dedicate your heart completely to walking in its realities again by faith through the grace of God. And then in intimate fellowship with God's indwelling spirit, you begin to manifest the values, character and culture of the Kingdom. As a result, the Kingdom would exert its influence in your midst or around you. This is how the kingdoms of men become the Kingdom of our God and His Christ.

This is a summary of the good news or the gospel of the Kingdom as presented by Jesus Christ. Anything different is "another gospel". It doesn't matter who presents it: be it an angel, Paul, Peter or your Pastor. It is "another gospel".