Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Cain Marries in the Land of Nod

There were people living in the land of Nod. There were human beings - different races and tribes in different parts of the world before Adam and Eve came. Nod was one of those places. When Adam and Eve came, they lived in a special area called, "The Garden of Eden". They belonged to a different race - the violet race. They were brought to earth from the heavenly realms and earthly bodies of flesh and blood were made for them. 

The plan was for them to procreate and for their children to be marrying the humans who were already on earth; in order to upstep them biologically, intellectually, spiritually, etc. These humans have been living on earth for close to one million years prior to their coming; having evolved from animals - primates. 

There were two gardens of Eden. The first was abandoned after the "fall of Adam and Eve". Cain was born on the way to the location where the second "garden of Eden" was built. Abel was born in the second garden, less than two years after Cain's birth. 

In summary, this is the backdrop. So, after Cain killed Abel, he left Eden; went to Nod. There, he married and lived amongst the people of Nod - the Nodites. He was able to find a wife there because humans were already on earth - in different parts of the world long before Adam and Eve came here.  

Cain's wife, Remona was his distant cousin - from his father's side. Cain's father was from the land of Nod. His name was Cano. Cano had sex with Eve - that's what led to the birth of Cain. And this is what led to the default or "fall" of Adam and Eve. The law from heaven said Adam and Eve were never supposed to have sex with the humans that were already living on earth before they came. They were to have sex with each other only and procreate. And then, their future generations will intermarry with the evolutionary humans. That was the original plan... 

Eve was tempted and succumbed by engaging in sexual intercourse with a man from the land of Nod called, "Cano". This is what is represented figuratively in some sacred texts as partaking of the forbidden fruit. After Cain (the product of Cano and Eve) killed Abel (a product of Adam and Eve), he left his community, "the garden of Eden" and went to his biological father's community, "the land of Nod". There, he married his distant cousin from his father's side, a lady called, "Remona". Adam was not Cain's biological father. 

"And so Cain departed for the land of Nod, east of the second Eden. He became a great leader among one group of his father’s people and did, to a certain degree, fulfill the predictions of Serapatatia, for he did promote peace between this division of the Nodites and the Adamites throughout his lifetime. Cain married Remona, his distant cousin, and their first son, Enoch, became the head of the Elamite Nodites. And for hundreds of years the Elamites and the Adamites continued to be at peace." - Urantia Book 76:2.9 

Please, see the Urantia Book, www.urantia.org 
Paper 73 - The Garden of Eden
Paper 74 - Adam and Eve
Paper 75 - The Default of Adam and Eve
Paper 76 - The Second Garden 

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Pastor Karo Akamune 
One Love 👪

Relationship Building with God

Some of you wish to have an amazing personal relationship with God but you are struggling. You have been struggling year in, year out. You will continue to struggle not until you begin to follow the divine leading, consciously or unconsciously. 

This divine leading comes from the still small voice within you. This is your spirit. This is the heavenly Father's presence within you. This is your Indwelling Thought Adjuster. This is what some people refer to as, "your higher self". This is God's voice to your soul. 

This your spirit is perfect and is God within you. It is this spirit that LEADS YOU. So, you need to know how to connect with your still small voice within. Then you will be surprised! You will begin to have amazing relationship with Christ, with the Holy Spirit, with holy angels, with the Melchizedek Order of Sons, etc, etc. 

It is relationship with God the Father within you, by way of relationship with the still small voice within (i.e. your Thought Adjuster) that opens the door to very fruitful relationships with all other members of the family of God. This is because the Father is the First Source and Divine Center! 

Get into the habit of speaking to your spirit, to the still small voice within. Talk about any and everything. Your spirit will respond; will speak back to you. Develop a conversational relationship with the God in you! This is how you can build an amazing personal relationship with God, your heavenly Father!

Glory! Hallelujah! 💝🕊️🙏
Peace 🕊️ and Blessings! 🙏 
- Pastor Karo Akamune 

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Walls of Fire!

 One of my neighbors called 911 to report my house was on fire. This happened about 4 years ago. We were all asleep when I was woken up by a very loud bang on our door. It was after midnight. 2 am maybe. When I got to the door, I was greeted by a police woman. Fire fighters were walking around the house inspecting everywhere, looking for signs of fire.

The street was literally blocked with firetrucks, police vehicles and all... ...Everywhere was shining with the very bright lights of the firetrucks. Fire men and women. Police officers and all... The police lady said they got a call that the house was on fire. BUT there was no fire anywhere in sight! Interestingly, everyone at home was fast asleep; my wife, our kids... The loud knock on the door woke me up. Just me.

So, they did their inspections and left. I was like, "What just happened?" Hahaha... 😀😀😀 ...Then it began to dawn on me that whoever that neighbor was, that called 911 must have seen an invisible fire all around our house. It was really "a thought" to think about; to ponder...

Fast forward like 2 years later, I had a spiritual experience as I slept one night. I saw our house on fire. The fire came from the very foundations, down, underground and shot up to the very pinnacle of the house - all around the house. It was a very powerful and beautiful wall of fire. And then all of a sudden, I too, caught on fire - from the soles of my feet up to the crown of my head. I saw myself, standing, looking at the house surrounded by a very powerful wall of fire and then, as I looked, I too caught on fire! But the fire did not burn or destroy the house. And the fire all over me did not consume, burn, hurt or destroy me.

After I woke up, I remembered the incidence of the police officers and fire fighters who literally, physically showed up at our house in response to a 911 call from one of my neighbors. Food for thought indeed!

And then like 2 more years later, recently, I was on a telephone conversation with a fellow Pastor. He told me of an account he read in a book about a certain preacher... ...How that the preacher narrated an incidence of his own house on fire but it was not a physical fire. To me, this was a confirmation that the 911 call was placed by someone whose inner eyes or spiritual eyes were opened; saw fire all over my house but didn't understand what he or she was seeing and then proceeded to dial 911. We live in a mysterious world. Hallelujah! 🙌🙌🙌

Some day, I might go to our local fire department and ask for the documented record of their visit to my house. Maybe I need it. For the records...
One Love ❤️
Peace 🕊and Blessings! 🙏
Blessed Be!
- Karo

Friday, April 1, 2022


Finaliters are, for the most part, unseen celestial beings who were once mortal terrestrial beings - who were once "human beings"...  ...People who lived on imperfect terrestrial worlds like Urantia (planet Earth) and graduated to the heavenly realms to begin their ascent to Paradise. They successfully became eternally one with their indwelling Thought Adjusters - eternal fusion, eternal oneness with the Father's spirit within, the still small voice within, the divine spark within. 

And then ultimately reached Paradise - attained Paradise; became "perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect"; stood, as it were, face-to-face before God the Universal Father; received a very unique divine embrace; and were mustered into, "The Corp of the Finality". Finaliters are those who, in the Bible are called, "spirits of just men made perfect". (Hebrews 12:23) 

Hebrews 12:23, "To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect," 

As we speak, there are finaliters present on Earth (Urantia). They are always here. And you can  tell your Thought Adjuster that you desire to fellowship with them; to have direct spiritual encounters with them; to be ministered to, directly, one-on-one, by them, etc. Your request may be granted! Hallelujah! 💝🕊️🙏 

Urantia Book 31:0.11, "One or more companies of the mortal finaliters are constantly in service on Urantia. There is no domain of universe service to which they are not assigned; they function universally and with alternating and equal periods of assigned duty and free service." Please, did you catch that? It has been revealed, "One or more companies of the mortal finaliters are constantly in service on Urantia." So much amazing experiences await you, a sincere and honest truth seeker! Oh! Glory! Hallelujah! 🎇💓🙏

Please, note that finaliters are grouped in companies. A company of finaliters is made up of 1,000 individuals or beings. Of this 1,000, 990 are "glorified mortals". This means 990 members of each company of finaliters were once mortals or free will intelligent mortals. 

These glorified mortals make up 990 of the 1,000 members of a finaliter company. The remaining slot of 10 are allocated to: 

1. Havona Natives.

2. Gravity Messengers. 

3. Adopted Seraphim.

4. Glorified Material Sons.

5. Glorified Midway Creatures. 

6. The Evangels of Light.

And this is the reason why I said finaliters are, for the most part, folks who were once mortals. In each company of finaliters, 990 were once mortals. To learn more about finaliters, please read: The Urantia Book, Paper 31, "The Corps of the Finality"https://www.urantia.org/urantia-book-standardized/paper-31-corps-finality

Karo Akamune Peace ☮️🕊️ and Blessings! 🤗🙏🏿

Saturday, March 19, 2022

From Earth To Paradise

We are placed here on earth and we start out as souls to learn, grow, develop, etc through having all kinds of experiences in an imperfect world. You are an imperfect soul; you have a perfect spirit; and you live in an imperfect, mortal body. Your imperfect soul is destined to grow and evolve into becoming eternally one with your indwelling perfect spirit (your Thought Adjuster, Inner Voice) and then to eventually become a true spirit - a perfected spirit, becoming, "Perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect." 

The still small voice within you is your spirit and is God in you. This is your 💯 percent (100%) perfect Thought Adjuster, that lives in your mind, in the Holy of Holies of your mind - your superconscious mind, working in you to get you, your soul, to attain divine perfection. This indwelling spirit is here to lead you Godward. This Thought Adjuster, divine spark of God or candle light of God came from Paradise and will eventually take you to Paradise, on its way back to Paradise, if you cooperate. In the process of leading you to Paradise, you, your soul will experience tremendous transformations till you become a perfected spirit. 

There are so many lessons and blessings and opportunities for amazing growth and expansion in living in a world that is not yet perfect. These lessons and blessings are received and enjoyed by mortal and celestial beings alike. These lessons and blessings and growth are very, very valuable in order for us, in partnership with divinity, to successfully carry out great tasks in eternity, in our eternal future. If we allow the Spirit of Truth to teach us and expand to us, the eternal divine plan and purpose of God, then everything will begin to make so much sense, as to why we are here on earth! Hallelujah! 💝🕊️🙏

One Love 💓 

Peace ☮️🕊️ and Blessings! 😊🙏 

- Pastor Karo Akamune 


Friday, January 28, 2022

At Salvation, Is Your Spirit Recreated or Liberated?

Jesus said, "I am on earth solely to comfort the minds, liberate the spirits, and save the souls of men." (Urantia Book 140:6.6)

Of the spirit, your indwelling spirit, it is written, "At some time, during human sleep, has been temporarily detached from the mind of mortal incarceration to perform some exploit of liaison, contact, reregistration, or other extrahuman service associated with the spiritual administration of the world of assignment." (Urantia Book 109:2.6)

"Truly of the human race has it been said, “You are of God” because “he who dwells in love dwells in God, and God in him.” Even in wrongdoing you torment the indwelling gift of God, for the Thought Adjuster must needs go through the consequences of evil thinking with the human mind of its incarceration." - Urantia Book 3:1.5 

At salvation, who gets born again: your soul or your spirit? Jesus said, "I am on earth solely to comfort the minds, liberate the spirits, and save the souls of men." Clearly, the Master made a distinction between the mind, the spirit and the soul. 

Ezekiel puts it rightly in saying: the soul that sins, shall die. (Ezekiel 18:20) The prophet did not say the human spirit that sins shall die. Nowhere will you find God saying that your spirit, the still small voice within (1 Kings 19:12), can die or shall die. It's not possible because your spirit (Job 32:8) is perfect and came directly from the heavenly Father. And this same spirit returns to The Father at the death of your physical body. (Ecclesiastes 12:7) 

This spirit is God the Father within you and lives in the golden holy of holies deep within you or in the superconscious level of your mind. Sin does not exist there. It is perfectly clean in there. Pure. Golden. Pure, pristine gold. This is the Father's presence within. The First Source and Divine Center within.

However, this spirit within - your spirit, depends on your will before it can act freely to bring all kinds of blessings to your total mind and your soul. The spirit will not force anything on you. Your cooperation is needed. You have to align your heart, your will and your way to that of God and to do so wholeheartedly. Then, the spirit will emerge from the innermost temple or innermost court within, to manifest greatly in your life: in your mind, your heart, your soul - to manifest through you mightily to the glory of God the Father. 

The spirit sits at the citadel of your being - the citadel of the spirit, the throne within waiting patiently for you to grant permission. So, when you - your soul gets born again or born from above, the indwelling spirit fragment of God is liberated! In accepting the Father's gift of salvation, you have aligned your will with that of God. When you make a decision, to, as it were, surrender all to God, his spirit will latch onto your personality and your will to do more work in you, for you and with you. This is why you sense or perceive a great liberation of your spirit at the new birth (salvation). Your spirit is liberated NOT recreated. Liberate is the right word not recreate. Your spirit receives more freedom to soar and do so much more for you and through you. Your spirit, the Inner Voice, is, in that sense, set free. 

It is not that the spirit was in chains, in bondage, in darkness. No! There's no darkness in the holy of holies within. There's no darkness in the superconscious level of your mind. Only light! However, the inner spirit can be said to be restricted or incarcerated within you because of the limitations placed upon it for the very fact that it has come to live inside a circumscribed mortal body and by design, is dependent on your will or cooperation in oder to fully express itself through you. 

I have chosen to use the word, "it" for the indwelling spirit because by design, this spirit from the Father is "prepersonal". It has come into you with no personality of its own and is dependent on your personality to live through you. The still small voice is dependent on both your personality and your will in order to bless you mightily... ...Dependent or waits for you to use your will to align with its will - the will of God. These are some reasons why your spirit, your Thought Adjuster is said to be in the mind of mortal incarceration. The spirit is incarcerated in your mind. And will experience more and more liberation to do more work for you and through you, the more you align your will with the Father's will. 

Please remember, your spirit does not get born again. It is your soul that gets born again or recreated (if you like that word). Your spirit cannot be recreated. That's God in you and God cannot be recreated. However, your spirit can be liberated! The spirit can be liberated in the context of the explanation above. 

Glory! Hallelujah! 

One Love ❤️ 

- Pastor Karo Akamune 

The Christ Michael Center 


Monday, January 17, 2022

Body, Soul and Spirit

Your body is the vehicle that your soul and spirit need in order to live, function and experience life in this earthly, terrestrial realm. Your body is not your real you. It is a vehicle, a house, a temple, a tool for your soul and spirit to express and exert themselves in a third dimensional realm like planet Earth. 

Your soul is your real you. Your soul exists in a realm between your body and your spirit. It impinges on or interacts with your body and your spirit more directly. It is your soul that is the YOU that continues to exist after your life on Earth is done. It is your soul that receives the gift of salvation; that gets born again or born from above. Your body does not get born again. Your spirit does not need salvation.

Your spirit is pure and perfect. Your spirit has the perfection of "the Source" - God the Father. Your spirit came from the Father to live in you; to spiritualize your thinking; to help you to become perfect as the Father is perfect, slowly but surely. Your spirit is the image of God in you because it is an exact replica of God, miniaturized in a way you can contain. This is why this spirit is called the spark of God, the candle light of God, the still small voice, the divine fractal, the divine fragment of God in you.

Your spirit lives in your mind, in the superconscious level of your mind or the holy of holies of your mind. This is the highest dimension of your mind where sin does not exist. It is pure gold. It is far above your conscious mind, subconscious mind, etc. This is how God in his perfection, power, love and glory can live in you even when you give yourself over to ungodliness or unrighteous deeds. Even when you succumb to temptations, God is still in you because there's a place in you where evil, sin and iniquity cannot approach. You are "fearfully and wonderfully made" indeed!

One Love! 💗
- Pastor Karo Akamune