Thursday, January 16, 2020

Guardian Angels Assignment to Mortals

Every human being comes under one of seven cosmic or psychic circles. This determines the number of angels specifically assigned to you. Your goal should be to grow spiritually and intellectually to attain the 1st psychic circle! That's the ultimate best place to be at! But at least, strive to attain the 3rd circle. Hallelujah!
7th cosmic circle: 1 seraphim with 288 cherubim are assigned to a group of 1,000 mortals. 6th cosmic circle: 2 seraphim with 288 cherubim are assigned to a group of 500 mortals. 5th cosmic circle: 2 seraphim with 288 cherubim are assigned to a group of 100 mortals. 4th cosmic circle: 2 seraphim with 288 cherubim are assigned to a group of 10 mortals. 3rd, 2nd & 1st cosmic circles: 2 seraphim angels are assigned to 1 human. ("...a certain pair of equally qualified seraphim..." - 113:2.7) 3rd, 2nd & 1st cosmic circles: The individual has 4 angels assigned to him and dedicated to working for him => 2 seraphim, 1 cherubim and 1 sanobim.
= = = = = = = 
👉🏾 Guardian angels assignment to mortals is determined by the psychic or cosmic level of the individual human being. For psychic circles, please see paper 110:6, "The Seven Psychic Circles". 👉🏾 Please, note: a company of angels equals 144 pairs of angels or a total of 288 individual angels (paper 38:6.1). 👉🏾 Guardian angels are seraphim. Paper 113:0.1, "...the guardian angels, seraphim devoted to the ministry to individual mortals..." 👉🏾 3rd, 2nd & 1st cosmic circles: The individual has 4 angels assigned to him and dedicated to working for him => 2 seraphim, 1 cherubim and 1 sanobim. 

= = = = = = =  113:2.9 When a seraphic pair accept guardian assignment, they serve for the remainder of the life of that human being. The complement of being (one of the two angels) becomes the recorder of the undertaking. These complemental seraphim are the recording angels of the mortals of the evolutionary worlds. The records are kept by the pair of cherubim (a cherubim and a sanobim) who are always associated with the seraphic guardians, but these records are always sponsored by one of the seraphim. Glory to the Father! Hallelujah! 
113:1.7 Human beings in the initial or seventh circle have one guardian angel with one company of assisting cherubim assigned to the watchcare and custody of one thousand mortals. In the sixth circle, a seraphic pair with one company of cherubim is assigned to guide these ascending mortals in groups of five hundred. When the fifth circle is attained, human beings are grouped in companies of approximately one hundred, and a pair of guardian seraphim with a group of cherubim is placed in charge. Upon attainment of the fourth circle, mortal beings are assembled in groups of ten, and again charge is given to a pair of seraphim, assisted by one company of cherubim. 
113:1.8 When a mortal mind breaks through the inertia of animal legacy and attains the third circle of human intellectuality and acquired spirituality, a personal angel (in reality two) will henceforth be wholly and exclusively devoted to this ascending mortal. And thus these human souls, in addition to the ever-present and increasingly efficient indwelling Thought Adjusters, receive the undivided assistance of these personal guardians of destiny in all their efforts to finish the third circle, traverse the second, and attain the first. 
Source: The Urantia Book, Paper 113

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The Spirit in You

"But there is a spirit in man, And the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding." - Job 32:8, NKJV
"Then the dust will return to the earth as it was, And the spirit will return to God who gave it." - Ecclesiastes 12:7, NKJV

Human beings are made of body, soul and spirit. Job and Ecclesiastes make mention of the spirit part of you. This "spirit" is in you and came from God the Father. He gave it to you. This spirit has come from far, far, far away from the heavenly abodes of "our Father" in Paradise. It is through this spirit that the Father himself is able to draw so, so, so close to you; to experience humanity through you and for you to experience divinity through "the spirit".

This spirit is pure, flawless and perfect. This spirit is "God the Father in you"! Intimacy with this spirit is intimacy with God the Father. This spirit lives deep within you, in your superconscious mind, in your Holy of Holies within. This spirit is the "still small voice" within and walking in line with the will and way of this spirit brings success in all areas of your life. Your salvation is wrapped up in a total surrender to this spirit. Your mind-blowing spiritual growth is wrapped up in learning from this spirit, your inner guide, your pilot light, "the light of life". This is the kingdom of God within you! Enjoy! 🍷


Monday, January 6, 2020

The End Goal

At the end of the day, each one of us needs to ask himself/herself, "What is the end goal for me? Why am I involved in all these? What is the purpose of life?" 

The end goal should be to become perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect. This is the ultimate driving force. On a daily basis, we should see ourselves as pilgrims on a journey to Paradise. 

There should be a motivation within us to build a real, lively and productive personal relationship with our Heavenly, Paradise Father. And this is possible through relationship with his spirit within us, the still small voice. This can be an amazing reality through constant conversation with the Voice Within, "God the Father in you"! And such a beautiful relationship produces love and service to others!

If you do not focus on the end goal, you are bound to suffer confusion and be crippled by vanities. Real fulfillment will become elusive. Lasting values and deep joy may wonder away from you. 

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Be Still!

Please, how can one really succeed in having a wonderful "personal relationship" with God? The key lies in discovering and working with the Father presence within you - "the still small voice"! You have to learn to get into the place of stillness to develop that remarkable ability to hear from God; to interact with God; to commune with your Heavenly Father. "Be still and know that I am God." 

It is in this place of stillness that you will be able to know God; to have life transforming experiences or encounters with God. It is in this place of stillness that you find your true self, your life's purpose and eternal destiny! 

You cannot really have an outstanding, glorious relationship with "the Christ" (Jesus Christ), the Holy Spirit, angels, Melchizedeks and a host of other personalities in the Father's kingdom not until you first and foremost develop a successful working relationship with "the still small voice" - the Father's spirit that dwells within your mind, in your "Holy of Holies". This is true because God the Father is the "First Source and Center". 

One has to be grounded in the First and Original Source and Center of all things and then all other relationships will begin to fall in place and will begin to make sense way beyond one's wildest dreams and imaginations. This is how we have been designed. This is how the interplay between your "body, soul and spirit" thrives - really thrives to the glory of the Father and the benefit of all of creation! Enjoy! 🍷

Thursday, August 22, 2019

The S-Files

Salvation files of the Christ Michael Center Our Salvation Files, "The S-Files": 1) What is Salvation and Why the Cross? 2) The Spiritual Technique of SALVATION - Long Form Edition 3) Syncretism in Christianity's Soteriology 4) Jesus and Atonement 5) What is Salvation? 6) The Salvation of Zacchaeus 7) The spiritual technique of SALVATION 8) A Salvation Letter to a Friend 9) A Salvation Letter to a Friend (II) #OneLove ❤️

Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Father Within

Beloved, there's this still small voice - the voice of the Father within; the voice of the spirit of God the Father in man. This is the still small voice the prophet Elijah knew. 1 Kings 19:12-13, "And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice. And it was so, when Elijah heard it, that he wrapped his face in his mantle, and went out, and stood in the entering in of the cave. And, behold, there came a voice unto him, and said, What doest thou here, Elijah?" 

This is the still small voice that spoke concerning Jesus, "This is my beloved Son... Hear him." Please, see Matthew 17:5, "While Peter was still speaking, a bright cloud enveloped them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him!” 

This "voice" from the cloud (Matthew 17:5) is the "still small voice", the Father's voice. Please, observe that we are not talking about the Holy Spirit here. The still small voice is separate from the Holy Spirit. The still small voice is how God the Father is represented in you. The Holy Spirit is how God the Infinite Spirit is represented in you. 
This "voice" is the Father's indwelling spirit that Jesus Christ was intimately closely associated with all through his earth life. The single number one reason why so many people struggle or fail in the things of the spirit is this: They are not walking in close working relationship with "the still small voice", "the Father-within".

The still small voice is the technique through which God our infinitely transcendent heavenly Father comes so very, very close to you and becomes immanent (existing or operating within; inherent). The Father who is so, so far away becomes so, so close to you! Hallelujah!

It is this friendship with "the Voice" - the Indwelling Spirit of God the Father that will really get you to walk with God successfully just like Enoch, Elijah and Jesus did. This was their secret. And you know Enoch and Elijah were translated to the heavenly realms without experiencing death! 
Some of you have literally, unmistakably heard this Inner Voice speak to you so powerfully with so much love! Enjoy! 🍷    Many times, you may not hear a literal voice. Nevertheless, the Indwelling Spirit is always present in you; right there interacting with you in your thoughts. Glory! 🙏🏾

- Pastor Karo Akamune

Friday, June 28, 2019

A Salvation Letter to a Friend (II)

…You wander about the death of Jesus because of the theology of salvation that you have embraced. Please beloved, did Jesus teach that you MUST believe that his blood washes away your sins in order for you to be saved? Forget about Peter or Paul or whoever, for a minute. Please, focus squarely on the teachings of the Master himself. Christ was here as Jesus in the flesh. What did He teach with regards to salvation? Remember His talk with Nicodemus? In essence, Jesus told Nicodemus that he could get born again right there in the garden. I hope you know this. Jesus did not say, "Oh, but you have to wait till I spill my blood." Also, on many occasions, we see God forgiving people's sins as Jesus went about his ministry. Please, take note: his blood had not been spilled o! 

So, in answer to your question my brother: for their salvation, people in other planets do not even need to know that Christ was on a planet far, far away as Jesus; let alone believe that his blood was spilled for their sins to be washed away. Salvation is the same anywhere: "You are saved by grace through faith. It is a gift from God." Now what does that really mean? 

You are saved by grace through faith. Faith in what, please? Christianity says it is faith that Jesus died and bled to wash away your sins. But Jesus did not teach that. You are saved by faith - faith that God is your Father and that He loves you. If you can allow this "faith" to be real in your heart, you will receive a life transforming quickening by the LOVE of God, which causes you to surrender all to God - to seek to do His will. In all these, the grace of God gives you strength. This, in a nutshell, is the real salvation message. And this is how people get saved in every inhabited planet. 

Do people get saved at the foot of the Cross? Yes, of course! Why? At the Cross, Jesus revealed the Father's LOVE in a very deep and moving way. The Cross experience helps many people to see and feel and understand the LOVE of the Father. That's why they get saved at the Cross. It is not the blood of Jesus that washes away the sins in the literal sense. It is a revelation of the LOVE of God that the human heart sees at the Cross and receives that ushers in salvation. If you go to the Cross without experiencing a "quickening" revelation of God's love, you will not experience salvation - regardless of the amount of sinner's prayers offered. We have people walking about today who are not yet saved because of this. They have offered the so-called sinner's prayer o! Yet no real spiritual transformation. Jesus' blood does not magically save anyone. You must have a spiritual encounter with God the Father by FAITH in His LOVE and tender care. This happens at the Cross. It also happens elsewhere. So, YES. Christianity understands salvation - but partially NOT fully. 

Yes: The death of Jesus actually helps many people to embrace salvation. Jesus knew this would happen. And that's one of the reasons he "gave himself for many". There are also other deep reasons why he chose to die. He knew it would help end the senseless and brutal animal and human sacrifices - which largely were put in place by "doctrines of demons" to enslave people. Blood sucking demons were having a feel day. Jesus wanted to end that. At a deeper esoteric level, his spilled blood "spoke" to address these problems. It was one effective way he used to silence the likes of Lucifer and other fallen princes of darkness who made use of animal and human blood sacrifices to keep humanity in bondage. 

When they saw Jesus' blood, they couldn't handle it. Unlike the animal and human blood they had been drinking for ages upon ages, Jesus' blood presented a power they could not defeat. That was a game changer. They met their waterloo. The price of blood demanded by demons or devils from humans was effectively terminated. We can go on and on. But let me stop here for now. I know this discourse may be confusing to some people. It takes a deep spiritual mind to understand these spiritual transactions. But there's hope: "The Spirit of Truth shows the way!"

I greet you sincerely!