Sunday, June 28, 2015

Co-creating Through Prayer II

Urantia Book 110:1.3 - "Although the divine indwellers are chiefly concerned with your spiritual preparation for the next stage of the never-ending existence, they are also deeply interested in your temporal welfare and in your real achievements on earth. They are delighted to contribute to your health, happiness, and true prosperity. They are not indifferent to your success in all matters of planetary advancement which are not inimical to your future life of eternal progress."
Refusing to pray to God for His divine assistance and/or intervention in your material welfare: job, business, finances, marriage, health, etc, may seem altruistic, 'not selfish', 'not personal', 'free of personal interest' or 'selfless'. It may come off as macho, spiritual or grandiose to some but in actuality, it is defeatist. It is burdensome. I may even add that it is selfish. Your Thought Adjuster {God within, the divine fractal} would like to be involved in everything about you and this includes material or temporal matters. Of course, God's main focus is your spirituality. However, bare in mind that everything about a faith-liberated, "born again" child of God is sacred. So, yes, we should talk to our heavenly Father about everything. Nothing wrong with that. And while we are at it, we make efforts to discern His will concerning that particular matter...
In communication with God and the heavenly hosts [prayer], we have a beautiful opportunity or privilege to "co-create" with God. With our thoughts, our hearts, our words (words energized or infused with spiritual power), we visualize, we speak into existence that which constitutes truth, beauty and goodness. It may be a material or physical need or desire. It may be something strictly spiritual. We exercise our "faith", pray and act as well, having at the back of our minds, the divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding related to our prayer. And this is one way in which prayer changes us and pulls us closer to divine perfection...
When i pray, some useful pointers for me are: How does this benefit me - how would it contribute to my being a better man, a more useful or more productive person? What would other people get or benefit from this prayer request of mine? Would it contribute to seeing a better neighborhood, a better world - peaceful, moral, economic, healing, healthy, spiritual, etc?
I have to examine: What are my motives? What are my true intentions? Where is the Father's will in all these? What's in it for the Universe?
Make your time on Earth outstanding! Bring Heaven to Earth (Urantia). #PrayWithoutCeasing #OneLove

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