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Urantia Book Radio - Larry Mullins Interview (Full Mix July 2014)

Urantia Book Radio interviews Larry Mullins. Here, brother Larry talks about very important roles Dr. Lena Sadler, wife of Dr. William Samuel Sadler played in the process of the delivery of the Urantia Book. 

Larry Mullins tells us that it was Lena Sadler who started the Forum in 1923 after the group have had about 20 years working experience with the Sleeping Subject [SS]. Initially Dr. William Sadler was not convinced of the authenticity of the materials until 1936 when the Jesus Papers came out and a revelation of the personality types of the 12 Apostles finally pulled him in completely. Several times, he wanted to abandon the project but Lena kept him at it. 

Funny enough men are always given all the credits. We hear so much of Dr. William Samuel Sadler. Little is said of Dr. Lena Sadler. Hahaha.... Kudos to Lena! Kudos to womanhood! :) 

Urantia Book Radio -  Larry Mullins Interview (Full Mix July 2014) 


As we reflect on the process involved in the delivery of the Urantia Book, Paper 77, Section 8, Verse 5 and sub-verse 3 comes to mind:

UB77:8.5, "The United Midwayers of Urantia are organized for service with the planetary seraphim in accordance with innate endowments and acquired skills, in the following groups: ...
--> 3. Contact personalities. In the contacts made with the mortal beings of the material worlds, such as with the subject through whom these communications were transmitted, the midway creatures are always employed. They are an essential factor in such liaisons of the spiritual and the material levels."

Some questions come to mind:
Various Celestial Personalities made contact with the brother (the "Sleeping Subject") through whom the revelations were uttered. Midwayers played very important roles to make sure this "contact" and the delivery of the messages were successful. If it happened then, can it not happen today? Is it not happening today, through some people in the exact same manner or in a different but related manner? Why not?

We are told that, "In the contacts made with the mortal beings of the material worlds..." This implies that such contacts are a continuous, factual reality on the planet. Messages are continuously being delivered through "liaisons of the spiritual and the material levels". And this can occur through various means or methods. The method of the Sleeping Subject is just one of many.

A very important attribute of a sincere and honest truth seeker is, just like Jesus, to develop the keen ability to identify truth regardless of its source or method of delivery; to bravely look at a "message" and allow the Spirit of Truth, Thought Adjuster (God within) and/or Holy Spirit to minister to him or her. Such a truth seeker is not in a hurry to accept anything and not in a rush to criticize or condemn anything simply because the mode or method of delivery is unfamiliar. You have a "truth bell" within to help you along the way. Please, let's ponder on this for a minute... Thank you.

Have a great day and a rewarding 2016! Hosanna! Hallelujah! Amen. #Namaste

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