Saturday, January 30, 2016

Having Divine Thoughts

There's nothing wrong in having divine thoughts. And the righteousness we have is God's righteousness - this is what God consciousness is all about. Your intimate relationship with your Thought Adjuster [TA - God within] leads you "Godward". It is a relationship that transforms your mind and makes you increasingly "godlike". 

A wholehearted devotion to the Adjuster's plan (God's plan) "spiritizes" you. You grow in grace and are made to be "increasingly" spiritually minded. The God-man (or God-woman) relationship makes you increasingly divine. This is your heritage. You receive more and more divine endowments and divine ennoblement, for your are "blessed with all spiritual blessings in the Heavenly Places in Christ Jesus". True spiritual growth means tapping more and more into the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ [Christ Michael]. 

As you partner with your Maker, you "are becoming God" and God (your Thought Adjuster, the Still Small Voice, the Inner Voice) is becoming you. You experience divinity in #God. Your God experiences humanity in you. 

Any SINCERE faith-liberated truth seeker on Earth knows that there's the human "thought" and there's the divine "thought" in his/her mind or life. He or she learns to differentiate between the two. Let us commit to being under the ministries of the TA, SOT and HS (Thought Adjuster, Spirit of Truth and Holy Spirit). Cheers!

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