Saturday, July 2, 2016

Overcoming Sexual Lust

Sexual lust can be seen as: desiring or yearning to use another person as a 'thing' for selfish sexual aggrandizement; to use and abuse. True love is absent there. 

In the spirit realms, or in your spiritual life, you may run into serious problems if you allow your heart to desire to kiss, caress, penetrate another individual and to do so without allowing the energies or vibrations of love to flow... This is why some people cheat, tell lies, use and dump others... 

If you can cultivate your heart and mind to allow yourself to "do unto others what you wish to be done to you" - under the banner of true love, then you'll soar above lust. How can one achieve this: prayer, meditation and drawing power from God-within. Also common sense practices are important too... 

Some people hate to have thoughts of sex in their minds. They believe it constitutes evil and can lead to sin or iniquity. But Jesus said it's not what goes into you that defiles you. It's what comes out of you. The act of "seeing" or "looking" in and of itself is not wrong. The question is: what is coming out of you? So if thoughts of sexual desires come to your mind, you should learn to allow GOOD STUFFS to come out of the experience. So please ask yourself: how can truth, beauty and goodness COME OUT OF me through this experience? Ask. And your God would assist you. "Ask and you shall receive." We have to learn to talk to God about sex. Very important. Tell Him how you feel. Tell him what you think. No condemnation. Be free. Don't be afraid. "Fear not!" Express yourself sincerely. And you'll gain strength! 

Stop fighting it or struggling and allowing guilt to spoil your day. "It's not by your might or power but by the spirit of God." So relax. Take a deep breath, be comfortable in your skin and with God, co-create a reality that constitutes truth, beauty and goodness. Keep working on it. You'll get better with time. 😇🌈  
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