Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Net Worth

What is your, "Net Worth"?
Your net worth IS NOT the size of your bank account. Your net worth can be seen in the VALUE YOU ADD to the lives of people. How many lives do you impact positively and powerfully - for good in an hour; in a day; in your life time? That, my friend, is your true "net worth". Money is important. Get it, you may. But remember, money is not everything.
Our true net worth is not how much money we earn per hour... Please, ask yourself, "What do I need to do to create a great and lovely impact in the lives of people per hour? What do I need to do to add value to others? And what do I need to do to increase the number of people?"
Being very popular does not necessarily equate to having a great net worth. Some people are relatively unknown by the general public but their net worth is far above that of some so-called celebrities. In the final analysis, God makes that judgment call as to the quality and quantity of your net worth for He sees all and knows all. 

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