Thursday, December 22, 2016

Stand Up. Take Up Your Bed. Walk.

There was this guy who Jesus "assisted" (somewhat) to stand up; take up his bed and walk.

The Midwayers who narrated the story commented that in this particular case, it was not a miracle as such. ...that all the man needed to have done was just that - stand up; take up his bed and walk. He had it within himself to do so. But he languished in confusion, ignorance, setbacks, "downcast", and stuff. There are many people like that today.

147:3.5 One man who had been many years downcast and grievously afflicted by the infirmities of his troubled mind, rejoiced at Jesus’ words and, picking up his bed, went forth to his home, even though it was the Sabbath day. This afflicted man had waited all these years for somebody to help him; he was such a victim of the feeling of his own helplessness that he had never once entertained the idea of helping himself which proved to be the one thing he had to do in order to effect recovery — take up his bed and walk.

Reference: At the Pool of Bethesda

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