Sunday, February 12, 2017

Encounters in God

DEEP truths!
To really KNOW GOD and be close to Him, you have to be wholeheartedly dedicated to having, in your own personal life, "the realities of experience - spiritual experience" - experiences in God; encounters with God; experiences in the supernatural. "Teachings" alone would not cut it. Teachings ought to point you to or assist you towards having deep and powerful encounters with God; otherwise, forget it. Teachings without solid "encounters in God" will just get you tied down in the muddy waters of self-righteous religion. Please, check this out:
"Jesus well knew that God can be known only by the realities of experience; never can he be understood by the mere teaching of the mind. Jesus taught his apostles that, while they never could fully understand God, they could most certainly know him, even as they had known the Son of Man. You can know God, not by understanding what Jesus said, but by knowing what Jesus was. Jesus was a revelation of God." - UB 169:4.4, The Urantia Book, Part IV, Paper 169, "Last Teaching at Pella". 

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