Friday, August 10, 2018

god of Mammon, the Devil of Covetousness

Beloved, you need to understand the spirit of mammon. You need to understand how the "god of mammon" works. Unlike mammon, our heavenly Father does not cajole or subtly manipulate. He does not place undue pressure. HE LEADS. The "god of mammon" is the "devil of covetousness". Mammon spirit can be very deceiving in a very subtle way such that if you do not put your thinking cap on and do not pay close attention to the "Inner Voice" - the voice of the Father within, you may very well fail to discern mammon. And YES! It is possible for a "true Man of God" to fall prey to mammon and allow mammon, not God to come through. It is possible. You must learn to "test all spirits". Nobody will do that work for you. You have to do it for yourself.

When someone stands on the pulpit and makes an alter call for people to step forward to make a commitment to sow $1,000 into her life "every single year till Jesus comes", you have to say, "Hold up! 🖐️" This is a woman is who already doing well financially. Now please, which is better: people giving her $1,000 yearly or giving $1,000 yearly to the poor and needy in her Church and in the wider society (or to an NGO that assists people with drug abuse problems or conducts work-skills acquisition programs)? Which option will bring glory to the Father? Which is the greater good? And please remember, she did not say the money would be used by the ministry, for example, to pay for media outreach or to assist members who are going through very difficult financial hardships. Oh no! She implied, "Bring the money to me - it goes into my personal pocket!" 😀

A close look at the life of Jesus and his Apostles presents a remarkable example to follow. The Master never made such alter calls. He poured wisdom, knowledge and understanding into people. And some of these people were led to give to him personally (e.g. the woman with the alabaster box, Matthew 26:7) without being pressured; without being threatened with curses; without being manipulated in a deft ('neatly skillful') and subtle way. The Father leads. Mammon manipulates.

Utilitarianism: The greatest good, to the greatest number, for the greatest length of time. Please, see: The Urantia Book Paper 134:5.4, "This rule of the Most Highs in the kingdoms of men is not for the especial benefit of any especially favored group of mortals. There is no such thing as a “chosen people.” The rule of the Most Highs, the overcontrollers of political evolution, is a rule designed to foster the greatest good to the greatest number of all men and for the greatest length of time." "Psychological manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the behavior or perception of others through abusive, deceptive, or underhanded tactics." - Wikipedia

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