Monday, October 26, 2020

My Flight to Another Inhabited Planet

Dateline: Circa 2015 (I cannot remember the exact year. I should have penned it down.) 

On this given night, I went to bed as usual. During the night sleep, I found myself in an airport, somewhere on Earth, about to board a small aircraft together with about 3 other people, earthlings just like me. (I do not know the exact location on Earth.) We boarded the flight and the spacecraft took off. We landed on another airport. But this airport was on another planet. It was so clear to me that we were on a different planet for the people there told us so. They call their planet in what sounded like, “Aturukolatey” and “Ukpurukpuru”. They gave us two names for their planet. 

There were dancers in the airport, waiting to greet us. There was a lot of jubilation in the air! They were singing and dancing. The dancers wore traditional attires, similar to some African traditional dance attires. The clothes covered their breasts and private parts. The other parts of their bodies were more or less exposed. Apart from the dancers, the other folks on the planet dressed in ways similar to us, regular clothes of shirts, pants, etc. Most of them have skins tones or colors that look like what we, on Earth, will call black and brown. Most of the people I saw there were black and brown people. I cannot recollect seeing people of the red, yellow or white race. I saw men and women: males and females. 

At the airport, those of us from Earth (about 3 or 4 of us in all) were split into different groups. I left with a group. I was the only earthling in my group. I was taken on a tour. They took me to what looked like a High School. It has buildings; a gymnasium, etc. After showing me around the school, they took me to their living quarters. We went into an apartment and sat down in the living room in upholstery [furniture] just like what we have on Earth. Their apartments were one level or bungalows. I cannot recall seeing high-rise apartment complexes. The houses looked simple and strong with roofs. The houses were attached, side-by-side. Of course, there may be other variations. I did not tour the entire planet. 

In the living room, we were seated, relaxed and engaged in discussions. I asked them a lot of questions. I cannot even remember the exact questions I asked but they were about learning more about them and their planet. I may also have told them some things about life on Earth but I cannot remember now. They were very interested in me - in knowing more about me and my planet (Earth) and vice versa. I asked a lot of questions to the point that a young lady present in the living room grew angry. But all others present showed no anger. They were very friendly and accommodating of me. 

After our tour, we went to the airport. The other fellow earthlings were also at the airport. I was given a gift: a very colorful and beautiful wrist watch; simple, yet very sophisticated. It reminds me of the Apple Watch - iWatch. (Please, note that as at that time, I had not seen an iWatch. In short, the first time I saw an iWatch, my memory immediately went back to the watch gift I received from those folks - those brothers and sisters.) The wrist band looked like a plastic or rubber wristband with purple, blue and orange colors; they kind of faded into one another (if my memory serves me right). I loved it and put it on my left wrist. We boarded a craft that looked like the very same spacecraft that took us from Earth. And then we were flown back to Earth. 

...And then I woke up. The very first thing I did on waking up was to look at my left wrist for the amazing watch I was given. But to my disappointment, it was nowhere to be found! lol! 😀 

One Love!

- Karo E.K.D. Akamune

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