Friday, May 8, 2015

Global Gospel Outreach through Facebook Boost

Beloved, are you interested in Gospel Outreach? Through Facebook Boost (advertising) you can present the gospel to people in cities around the world or in countries around the world. Words of truth, beauty and goodness in their undiluted form can be offered to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. It all depends on the amount of money you spend. You may spend $5, $10, $25 or more each month.

First of all, you would have to create a Facebook Like Page. And post messages: texts, pictures and/or videos there. It’s all free. You may then pick a post and “boost” it. You initiate the boost by clicking on the “Boost” icon by the post. You have the opportunity to share that post with men and women, boys and girls in a particular city or cities around the world. Also, you may choose to share using the Country option. You can select one or more countries.

Just imagine the difference we can make in the lives of people all over the world by sharing teachings from the Urantia Book. You can make a commitment of spending $10 or $25 per month. You can even spend less or more. Each month, your message may reach 5,000, 20,000 or more people. In partnership with divinity, you can bring salvation, healing, deliverance and spiritual enlightenment to your fellow brothers and sisters globally. New Urantia Book readers would most definitely be generated.

Just imagine if 1,000 readers create Facebook Like Pages and each spend $10 a month, sharing the gospel of grace and truth, in its undiluted form as presented in the Urantia Book! Each month, we will be reaching millions of people, globally! There are thirsty and hungry souls, seeking, searching, waiting for people like you and I to help them get to know of the existence of the Urantia Book. Please, stop and think about this for a minute.

If you do not wish to create a “Like” page, may I suggest to you to consider giving money to those who do? A cash donation of $5, $10 or $20 per month would go a long way in bringing salvation, spiritual growth, peace and joy to many. Through Facebook Boost, organizations like “Stories of Jesus”, “The Urantia Book Fellowship”, “The Christ Michael Center”, etc are making a remarkable impact in the lives of individuals globally. Please, consider praying for them and giving financially to them. 

Let us work together - sow seeds together. Let us allow Jesus to re-live his life through us today; to pass by our fellows, bringing gifts of love, healing, joy and spiritual power! Let us make this world a better place. 'Thank you! 


"The next evening, having gathered together the twelve apostles, the apostles of John, and the newly commissioned women's group, Jesus said: "You see for yourselves that the harvest is plenteous, but the laborers are few. Let us all, therefore, pray the Lord of the harvest that he send forth still more laborers into his fields."" - Urantia Book Paper 150:4.1

"And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force." - Jesus, Matthew 11:12

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