Sunday, September 13, 2015

'Borderland' - The final phases of the soul's struggle for complete spiritual dominance!

Imagine you are in country A. You are on your way to country B. In your heart, you are already in the new and better and greater country - country B. But you still have some of the ways and culture of country A. Nevertheless, you are now advancing, taking in more and more of country B's mindset, culture, beliefs, etc. It is not a very easy journey. It is not a piece of cake. There are struggles. But you are being nudged and led and assisted by an unseen hand, taking you closer and closer to the better country, better place.

Now imagine you have reached the borders (borderland). You are on the verge of a great achievement. You are about to succeed in totally and completely giving up the mindset, ways, culture, beliefs, etc of country A and wholeheartedly and completely embracing those of country B. You are at a crossroad. If you succeed in getting into country B, you would never ever be able to go back to country A. Backsliding or changing your mind becomes impossible - practically impossible. You continue to make major decisions, big decisions in this respect. You are at the brink of total self destruction and complete soul reconstruction. More powers and maturity come to you to enable you align your heart and mind completely to practically doing the will of God - to FULLY and EASILY implementing the culture of country B, without any more struggles. THE DAYS OF STRUGGLING ARE ABOUT TO BE OVER - completely over. 

If you really succeed here, if you cross the borderland, you become like a superhuman - it is like attaining the first circle of cosmic consciousness. It's like being fully qualified for Thought Adjuster fusion (a.k.a. 'rapture' or Elijah translation/Enoch translation). Of course, fusion can be delayed to allow you continue your life and work here on Earth.

You become completely like Jesus - no negative ego whatsoever. You are dead to sin, self, pride, etc. You are now a manifestation of Jesus in all totality. You have crossed the BORDERLAND. Hallelujah! Glory to God! Amen.


Transitioning or maturing out of the "borderland" is quite an uphill task! Some people have experienced emotional breakdown... Victory lies in boldly holding onto God's hands in FAITH; spending time in prayers and meditation; allowing for great changes to occur on your inside; responding willfully to the divine outworking on your inside - reflecting on your challenges and co-creating/seeing the victory or God's desired outcome through faith, prayers, meditation.... Declare, speak forth and see the new "you", the more matured place, etc you desire to be... 

Some people reject deep or higher level spirituality because they don't want to summon the courage, guts and faith to deal with the borderland. Going through the borderland is just inevitable. Enjoy the ride! Your TA (Thought Adjuster, God within) would guide you. 
May the 'force' be with you! Hahaha...

Another way I look at borderland is this: the final struggle between the flesh and the spirit - the arena, close to spiritland, where the two natures of man square it all out - the final struggle, the last fight, to tip man over completely to the spirit realm - higher spiritual maturity and freedom - 'spiritland', where you are completely aligned with the WILL and WAY of God.

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