Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Power of Decision-Choice

A "SWOT analysis" can be applied in making choices. Before you choose, stop, pause, and consider your "Strengths", "Weaknesses", the "Opportunities" and "Threats" that are related or connected to the choices before you. Bring in "SWOT" to your decision-making process! And bring in "Prayer" and "Meditation"! Glory to God! Amen.

"The Universe awaits your choice to see what you will make real in this life and then as a result of your choice, realities can be made manifest and will be used to the glorification of the Father." Tap into the power of decision-choice today! Shalom and Hallelujah! 

Let us work together to encourage people to tap into their God-given powers of Decision-Choice, bringing in prayers, meditation and heart-felt worship. There is this all-important factor of closeness to God that is realized! It is also important to note that when more individuals engage in this, an inevitable outcome would be peace, safety and security in our communities all over the world. 

I delivered a message titled, "The Power of Decision-Choice". I'm telling you my dear, this message is very powerful. It has viewpoints, nuggets and suggestions that will add transformative value to your decision-making behavior. Click to listen today! Hosanna! Hallelujah! 

Thank you and #OneLove 
- Pastor Karo.

NB: Art Work by brother Tery McCade.

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