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Death and the Seven Psychic Circles

Death and the Seven Psychic Circles

Please, note briefly:
There are Seven Psychic Circles. Each individual human being starts out at the Seventh Circle and makes progress “inwards and upwards” to the First Circle. It’s all about a beautiful combination of ever increasing intellectual development and continuous spiritual growth. To learn more about the seven psychic or cosmic circles of personality status, mind attainment, soul growth, and Adjuster attunement (intimacy with God) please see the Urantia Book, Paper 110, Section 6 (UB 110:6), "The Seven Psychic Circles":

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Death and Resurrection within Three Days

Basically, it takes about "three days" for a believer who has died to arrive at the Mansion Worlds (aka “Heaven”). This is because the Guardian Angel (Seraphim) and the Thought Adjuster (the indwelt spirit Monitor, the divine fractal, the spirit of God the Father within) have to spend time to go through some protocols, standard operating procedures and transactions before they show up on the Mansion Worlds. The Seraphim, in a sense, has the soul in safekeeping and the divine Monitor holds the spirit transcript, the spiritualized mind or the "spirit-mind" of the human. They hold in safekeeping ("trust").  Please, let us take a good look at the Urantia Book (UB) for it presents outstanding revelations concerning this matter.

UB 113:6.5, "The guardian seraphim is the custodial trustee of the survival values of mortal man’s slumbering soul as the absent Adjuster is the identity of such an immortal universe being. When these two collaborate in the resurrection halls of mansonia in conjunction with the newly fabricated morontia form, there occurs the reassembly of the constituent factors of the personality of the mortal ascender."

Now what are the transactions or standard operating procedures that the Guardian Seraphim and Mystery Monitor (Adjuster) go through?

The Angel:
UB 113:6.2, "The instant the pilot light in the human mind disappears, the spirit luminosity which seraphim associate with the presence of the Adjuster, the attending angel reports in person to the commanding angels, successively, of the group, company, battalion, unit, legion, and host; and after being duly registered for the final adventure of time and space, such an angel receives certification by the planetary chief of seraphim for reporting to the Evening Star (or other lieutenant of Gabriel) in command of the seraphic army of this candidate for universe ascension. And upon being granted permission from the commander of this highest organizational unit, such a guardian of destiny proceeds to the first mansion world and there awaits the consciousizing of her former ward in the flesh."

The Adjuster:
UB 112:4.1, "When death of a material, intellectual, or spiritual nature occurs, the Adjuster bids farewell to the mortal host and departs for Divinington. From the headquarters of the local universe and the superuniverse a reflective contact is made with the supervisors of both governments, and the Monitor is registered out by the same number that recorded entry into the domains of time."

UB 112:4.13, "If the human individual survives without delay, the Adjuster, so I am instructed, registers at Divinington, proceeds to the Paradise presence of the Universal Father, returns immediately and is embraced by the Personalized Adjusters of the superuniverse and local universe of assignment, receives the recognition of the chief Personalized Monitor of Divinington, and then, at once, passes into the “realization of identity transition,” being summoned therefrom on the third period and on the mansion world in the actual personality form made ready for the reception of the surviving soul of the earth mortal as that form has been projected by the guardian of destiny."

Please, take note of the term, "third period" - third day. Clearly, we see that the attending Seraphim and Thought Adjuster of the human being go through some laid down procedures at the death of the mortal. Going through those protocols takes time. This is why you would not literally appear on the first Mansion World the very instant you die.

Death and a Future Resurrection

Now please, let us take a look at Paper 112:4.12, "If, when death overtakes you, you have attained the third circle or a higher realm and therefore have had assigned to you a personal guardian of destiny, and if the final transcript of the summary of survival character submitted by the Adjuster is unconditionally certified by the destiny guardian — if both seraphim and Adjuster essentially agree in every item of their life records and recommendations — if the Universal Censors and their reflective associates on Uversa confirm this data and do so without equivocation or reservation, in that event the Ancients of Days flash forth the mandate of advanced standing over the communication circuits to Salvington, and, thus released, the tribunals of the Sovereign of Nebadon will decree the immediate passage of the surviving soul to the resurrection halls of the mansion worlds."

Please, observe closely that Paper 112:4.12 gives some conditions ("if statements") that you must meet to qualify to get to our nearest "Heaven" (the Mansion Worlds) on the third period (within three days). One of these conditions is that you must have attained the third circle or a higher realm. This means by way of overall intellectual development and spiritual growth, you must have attained the Third Psychic (Cosmic) Circle or a higher realm (i.e. the Second or First Psychic Circle) before you die.

Each and every single one of those conditions must be met. Otherwise, you will sleep the sleep of death to await a Dispensational Resurrection or some later Resurrection at the discretion of "God" (to put it quite simply): “If the mortal associate belongs to a group that will be repersonalized at the end of a dispensation, the Adjuster will not immediately return to the mansion world of the former system of service but will, according to choice, enter upon one of the following temporary assignments…” – UB 112:4.4. This group of people that would resurrect at the end of a dispensation comprises individuals in the Seventh and Fourth Psychic Circles (inclusive).

So right here, we see two groups of people: people who would resurrect within three days after they die and people who would sleep the sleep of death and resurrect at a future time. And please, note that to be “repersonalized at the end of a dispensation” means to be resurrected at the end of a dispensation. An example of a dispensational resurrection occurred after Jesus resurrected: Matthew 27:52-53, “And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose. And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.”

Dispensational Resurrections take place at the end of a dispensation and there are reasons to believe that other periodic resurrections occur from time to time even though the majority of humans living on the Earth may not be aware of this.

Death (in actuality, “Translation”) by way of Adjuster Fusion on Earth

Fusion with one’s Thought Adjuster on Earth applies to individuals who are in the first Cosmic or Psychic Circle AND have attained translation levels of spiritual progress. You have to attain a certain higher level of spiritual maturity and remarkably outstanding intimacy with God for this to occur in your life – right here on Earth (Urantia). In passing, we may say that Thought Adjuster fusion is the attainment of “complete and eternal oneness” with the God-within, the spirit of God in man, the candle light of God in you, the Still Small Voice within.

UB 55:1.6, "On presettled worlds, planets without morontia temples, these fusion flashes many times occur in the planetary atmosphere, where the material body of a translation candidate is elevated by the midway creatures and the physical controllers."

UB 55:1.5, "...the translation... ...the blazing glory of the consuming fire which so completely obliterates the physical bodies of those mortals who therein experience final fusion with their divine Adjusters."

In Conclusion…

Therefore, we may say that for a first circler who fuses with his/her Thought Adjuster while in the flesh, on Earth, “going to Heaven” occurs in an "instant" - zero days; within minutes! This is what happened to Enoch and Elijah - "fusion", total and eternal oneness with the God-within. But it's three days for a first circler who dies before fusion takes place.

For a second and third circler, it's three days. (That's for those who attained the second or third psychic circle.)

For those between the fourth and seventh psychic or cosmic circles (between fourth and seventh, inclusive), it takes longer than three days. They may have to sleep the sleep of death and await a Dispensational Resurrection or a general Resurrection that occurs periodically at the discretion of our Creator-Father, Christ Michael and/or a Descending Paradise Son.

The "wait time" boils down to the level of cosmic circle attainment. It's easy to see this because the Universal Law states clearly, "You reap what you sow." You have obtained the gift of "salvation" (survival). That's great! However, that, in and of itself is not enough to get you to transition from this Earth realm to the Heavenly realms immediately after your death. And clearly, death in and of itself has no such powers to immediately catapult you or instantly take you there.

To get to heaven instantly (by way of "fusion") or to get there within a few days (three days), you must sow the requisite seeds of higher levels of love, righteousness, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge and understanding and deep intimacy with God the Paradise Father, the First Source and Center. You cannot allow yourself to be stuck on the sixth cosmic circle and expect to resurrect within the same time frame as a third, a second or a pre-fusion first circler. Nah! Mba! It does not happen. You have to “ascend” to the mansion worlds in your own individual right or await a dispensational summoning of the sleeping survivors of a planetary age (See UB 112:4.3). And we can see clearly that this depends on the level of cosmic or psychic circle that you have attained. “You reap what you sow.” This is not surprising for Jesus always gave parables along the lines of sowing and reaping.

To learn more about the seven psychic or cosmic circles of personality status, mind attainment, soul growth, and Adjuster attunement (intimacy with God) please see Paper 110:6, "The Seven Psychic Circles":

Karo Akamune is Lead Pastor of the Christ Michael Center, an oasis of Love, Light and Life!

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