Monday, July 3, 2017

Meditation and Love

One way to grow in love is to, in the art of meditation, visualize very powerful and loving rays of light, peace, friendliness, forgiveness and acceptance flowing from your heart to others - to your friends and to your enemies.

This is about using the creative powers of your mind to have a sustainable impact in the lives of others. When you engage in that exercise, you are saying to God that you desire to see love and goodwill extend from you to the other person. As a result, the spirit of God the Father would join forces with you to create the beautiful reality you desire. In a sense, you would be "speaking to that person's spirit" and connecting with the person through the anchor and channel of the divine love.
Please, take a very close look at the art of prayer. When you pray for others, and speak good things into their lives, what do you really think you are doing? As you pray, you visualize those good things you desire for them. You visualize and project those good things into their inner man. In the spirit realm, you connect with them and doors open for the supernatural to occur in their lives – and in your life as well because the art of giving is impregnated with the art of receiving. That's why Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive. Why – because in giving, you are also receiving. A giver gets double blessings: (1) giving cheerfully is a blessing in itself; and (2) when you give, automatically, you place yourself in a realm to receive - for God pours blessings into you because you gave cheerfully. When you pray for others, you are giving to them.
Please, note that the spiritual exercise above implies that during moments of silent meditation as you reflect on "the WORD", visualize rays of light flowing from you to someone else. Love is beautiful. As a result, you take something as beautiful as bright and colorful rays of light, encapsulating your love, and send them from your heart to another person's heart. Miracles happen.
Have you not had experiences where maybe you saw Jesus and great and powerful rays of light were streaming from Him to you?
Meditation involves silently reflecting on "the Word". It also involves keeping your mind still, not thinking about anything and just focus your mind on hearing from God - the Still Small Voice. Remember Prophet Elijah’s experience? He may have been expecting God to show up through strong winds, earthquake, fire and all that. But what finally happened? God came in a still small voice. This "Voice" is within you, for our Heavenly Father has put His spirit within you.

The art of meditation is connecting with this Inner Voice. Jesus was a superb Master at this during his Earth bestowal mission. This is where you really get to engage in a dialogue with God - instead of a monologue. This is how you really attain greatest spiritual heights of power, glory and authority and holiness. Enoch achieved this. Elijah did as well. ...and they were caught up or raptured, translated from the Earth realm to the Heavenly realms. Jesus attained this as well and would have been caught up too but something else happened because he needed to tarry…
This is Karo! And I love you!  

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