Friday, June 28, 2019

A Salvation Letter to a Friend (II)

…You wander about the death of Jesus because of the theology of salvation that you have embraced. Please beloved, did Jesus teach that you MUST believe that his blood washes away your sins in order for you to be saved? Forget about Peter or Paul or whoever, for a minute. Please, focus squarely on the teachings of the Master himself. Christ was here as Jesus in the flesh. What did He teach with regards to salvation? Remember His talk with Nicodemus? In essence, Jesus told Nicodemus that he could get born again right there in the garden. I hope you know this. Jesus did not say, "Oh, but you have to wait till I spill my blood." Also, on many occasions, we see God forgiving people's sins as Jesus went about his ministry. Please, take note: his blood had not been spilled o! 

So, in answer to your question my brother: for their salvation, people in other planets do not even need to know that Christ was on a planet far, far away as Jesus; let alone believe that his blood was spilled for their sins to be washed away. Salvation is the same anywhere: "You are saved by grace through faith. It is a gift from God." Now what does that really mean? 

You are saved by grace through faith. Faith in what, please? Christianity says it is faith that Jesus died and bled to wash away your sins. But Jesus did not teach that. You are saved by faith - faith that God is your Father and that He loves you. If you can allow this "faith" to be real in your heart, you will receive a life transforming quickening by the LOVE of God, which causes you to surrender all to God - to seek to do His will. In all these, the grace of God gives you strength. This, in a nutshell, is the real salvation message. And this is how people get saved in every inhabited planet. 

Do people get saved at the foot of the Cross? Yes, of course! Why? At the Cross, Jesus revealed the Father's LOVE in a very deep and moving way. The Cross experience helps many people to see and feel and understand the LOVE of the Father. That's why they get saved at the Cross. It is not the blood of Jesus that washes away the sins in the literal sense. It is a revelation of the LOVE of God that the human heart sees at the Cross and receives that ushers in salvation. If you go to the Cross without experiencing a "quickening" revelation of God's love, you will not experience salvation - regardless of the amount of sinner's prayers offered. We have people walking about today who are not yet saved because of this. They have offered the so-called sinner's prayer o! Yet no real spiritual transformation. Jesus' blood does not magically save anyone. You must have a spiritual encounter with God the Father by FAITH in His LOVE and tender care. This happens at the Cross. It also happens elsewhere. So, YES. Christianity understands salvation - but partially NOT fully. 

Yes: The death of Jesus actually helps many people to embrace salvation. Jesus knew this would happen. And that's one of the reasons he "gave himself for many". There are also other deep reasons why he chose to die. He knew it would help end the senseless and brutal animal and human sacrifices - which largely were put in place by "doctrines of demons" to enslave people. Blood sucking demons were having a feel day. Jesus wanted to end that. At a deeper esoteric level, his spilled blood "spoke" to address these problems. It was one effective way he used to silence the likes of Lucifer and other fallen princes of darkness who made use of animal and human blood sacrifices to keep humanity in bondage. 

When they saw Jesus' blood, they couldn't handle it. Unlike the animal and human blood they had been drinking for ages upon ages, Jesus' blood presented a power they could not defeat. That was a game changer. They met their waterloo. The price of blood demanded by demons or devils from humans was effectively terminated. We can go on and on. But let me stop here for now. I know this discourse may be confusing to some people. It takes a deep spiritual mind to understand these spiritual transactions. But there's hope: "The Spirit of Truth shows the way!"

I greet you sincerely!

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