Friday, June 28, 2019

A Salvation Letter to a Friend

The message of salvation is one of the simplest spiritual messages. It is also one of the most difficult for Christians to clearly understand. There's so much confusion out there. You should start by focusing on what Jesus – himself said about salvation. Focus on that. Study that. That's the priority not what Paul or the other Apostles said.
Meditate on these questions, please:
1) If the shedding of blood is a must requirement for the forgiveness of sins, how come Jesus forgave people their sins as he went about preaching and teaching - before he was crucified?
2) What is justice? Is it justice to punish an innocent man for the crime, sins and misdeeds of guilty offenders?
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If humans who are just and fair would not do such a thing as punish an innocent man for the misdeeds of others, how in the Heavens do you get to think that the Almighty and all loving and divinely just God the Father would do such a thing?? Such a belief is like a slap in the face of our Heavenly Father. It's an insult.
The Father did not punish Jesus for our sins. Jesus simply chose to allow natural events to take their course. He was assaulted by killers and murderers and he chose to face it head on as an ordinary human being, as a way to experience the full human or mortal experience which includes dying. Otherwise, they would not have succeeded in killing him.
Jesus also allowed it to happen because he knew his brutal crucifixion would play a very, very big role in bringing blood sacrifice to an end. Just like Moses helped humans to evolve from human sacrifice to animal sacrifice, Jesus also is helping humans to evolve from any kind of blood sacrifice. His death has a big part in this.
Salvation is simple:
You are saved by grace through faith - faith that God is your Father and you are His child and faith in His power to keep you securely all through eternity. It is this same faith that saved Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Peter, Mary, Paul, etc. The technique of salvation has never changed. It's the same anywhere and anytime.
An understanding or insight into the love of God facilitates the delivery of salvation to you.
Yes, people look at the cross and receive salvation. Why is it so? Simple: The cross showcases God's love in action. Even in death, Jesus revealed love. And if a human being is able to see this love, he or she can be pulled to or drawn to God - in total and humble surrender to the rule and reign of God in his/her heart. This is why people experience salvation at the cross. It is not in the bleeding blood per say. It is in their receiving a life transforming revelation of God's love. The suffering and death of Jesus simply makes it easier for some people to see this love. There are others who have seen this same love through other means and have embraced salvation. And there are those who have come to the cross and failed to see this love and are still lost to this very day! God is not a magician. There are spiritual principles that must be followed.
In a nutshell, salvation is by grace through faith, facilitated by the quickening of the human heart and mind through a life transforming experience of seeing and embracing the divine love.
When you understand this, then you'll see that some Christians are saved; some are not. Some Muslims are saved; some are not. Some Buddhists are saved; some are not. Some aliens (intelligent mortals in other planets) are saved; some are not. Jesus presented a salvation message that is applicable to anyone regardless of nationality, religion or planet of origin. The spiritual technique of salvation has to be clearly understood.

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