Thursday, March 25, 2021

Personality Deliverance from the Limitations of Time and Space

(This leads to greater loving service to others) 

Urantia Book 65:8.6 

"When physical conditions are ripe, sudden mental evolutions may take place; when mind status is propitious, sudden spiritual transformations may occur; when spiritual values receive proper recognition, then cosmic meanings become discernible, and increasingly the personality is released from the handicaps of time and delivered from the limitations of space." 

For your personality to be increasingly released from the handicaps of time and delivered from the limitations of space, you must be experiencing intellectual and spiritual growth:  

👉 Mental evolutions has to be taking place in your life 

👉 Spiritual transformations as well 

👉 Deeper understanding of cosmic meanings as well

When your personality is increasingly released from the handicaps of time and delivered from the limitations of space, you will increasingly be able to function, to operate more and more beyond the constraints of time and space. 

I really got to think about this some more as a result of an experience I had during a night sleep. I saw myself moving or gliding in the air; moving through walls; being able to make myself visible to people and invisible to them; and I was filled with power. What I saw, to me, was my soul in action - my morontia soul. My soul, of course with my personality and my indwelling Thought Adjuster. 


Morontia Soul: We are being morontiaized. It starts here on earth. "When the third circle is attained, the Adjuster endeavors to morontiaize the mind of man during the remainder of the mortal life span..." (110:6.14) 

In 110:6.9 we see this, "2. Soul evolution. The emergence of the morontia soul indicates the extent and depth of circle mastery." 

Power: We have power. "All this power which is inherent in Jesus—the endowment of life—and which enabled him to rise from the dead, is the very gift of eternal life which he bestows upon kingdom believers..." (190:0.2)

+ + + 

This is one of the scenes: 

I went into a room in a building. Three ladies were there chatting, talking, relaxing. I then made myself visible to them and moved really close to one of them. I told her to accept Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior. And then, I literally placed my fingers on her chest, close to her right breast. There was a disease there - inside that part of her body. It was not visible because it was inside her. I slid my fingers across that section of her chest and removed the disease. It looked like a lump. Instantly, she was healed. 

So, there I was, sleeping on my bed and at the same time, found myself in a compound in Nigeria. Gliding in the air, moving through walls, got into a room and ministered to a sister.  A ministration of salvation and healing at the same time. And looking at UB paper 65:8.6, I am seeing a connection to it all... lol! 😀 I was literally free from some of the constraints, handicaps or limitations of time and space! Hosanna! Hallelujah! 🙏🏽 

- Karo Akamune 

One Love! 💖

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