Thursday, March 25, 2021

Soul Growth and Personality Mechanism Adjustments

Urantia Book 48:2.22 

"While the basic morontia forms of life and matter are identical from the first mansion world to the last universe transition sphere, there is a functional progression which gradually extends from the material to the spiritual. Your adaptation to this basically uniform but successively advancing and spiritizing creation is effected by this selective re-keying. Such an adjustment in the mechanism of personality is tantamount to a new creation, notwithstanding that you retain the same morontia form." 

"Such an adjustment in the mechanism of personality is tantamount to a new creation..." 


This verse is talking about adjustments in the mechanism of personality in the Mansion Worlds. This is as a result of the growth of your soul. (The fruits of the spirit in your life reveals the level of spiritual maturity of your soul.) Please, remember that no two persons have exactly the same personality. Your personality is unique to you and you alone. And it is changeless. However, "adjustments" in how it operates can take place. 

These adjustments also occur on earth because right here, you have a soul and if your soul is truly growing intellectually and spiritually, you will be climbing up the ladder of the seven cosmic circles - going inwards from the seventh to the first cosmic circle; leading to your attainment of the personal era of light and life - just like Jesus attained in the flesh (55:11.7). 

This explains why personality is increasingly released from the handicaps of time and delivered from the limitations of space. (65:8.6) And mighty, mighty, amazing things will begin to happen in your life and through your life. Glory! Hallelujah! 🙏🏽 🙌 🎊 

Always be of good cheer! Sincerely!

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